Religious fundamentalism kills because ‘belief’ must always be defended violently. You have to ask yourself why?

To explain let me give you an example.

There is a mountain behind our village. Many years ago, after months of training, I climbed it. 

I could tell you the story of my adventure. You could make illustrations from my descriptions and publish a book. You could tell people that you climbed the mountain yourself. You would be rich. It would be great.

But afterwards, lying alone in your bed, you would still be the same old you. The moment you took my experience for your own a wall was built, in your soul, between you and reality.

The only way that you can maintain your charade is to destroy any information that contradicts your ‘belief’ because, in your heart, you know that it’s a lie.

The sub-atomic universe, like that mountain, is a common reality that must be directly experienced.

When you do make that journey for yourself you won’t need to ‘believe’ because you will ‘know’.



Like climbing that mountain, no matter how much support you have, ultimately the spiritual journey is made alone.

You will need to become comfortable using the following tools:

  • Research
  • Experiment
  • Introspection
  • Self-discipline
  • Practice

It’s a good idea to get into the habit of using a personal journal to keep track of your progress. In order to help and support you in your journey,we created a fully interactive PDF Personal Journal. It is included in the foundation course but you can buy a copy in the shop. We will be producing a physical version of this journal in the near future.


The sub-atomic universe is not a straight line. You cannot explain it with ‘A’ followed by ‘B” which is followed by ‘C’. Mother nature doesn’t do math!

In the world within the world we know there is only rhythm and spin. Ultimate truth is more like an onion, each truth lies within another truth. You will know everything from one thing and see the truth within everyone.

Your true nature, and the QM4YS system,  is a spiral, circles within circles that lead you to your natural evolution. Everything and everyone you meet has meaning.

Before you grasp that meaning, you have to wake up! The Foundation Course helps you realise and come to terms with the truth that lies within you and establish a daily practice that will polish your soul.

The Level One Course helps you wake up to the formation and arising of human suffering and gives you the tools to overcome it.

Levels 2 and 3 are by invitation only.


The world you see around you is not a product of what is but rather it is generated in your mind by the sum of your past, how you feel about that past and your expectations for your future.

Indeed, our past generates a semi-permanent  ‘feeling’ through which we view the world. We interpret everything through the prism of that bias.

For that reason, caught up in the chaos of life, human beings have always looked for some third party to offer clarity.

The Deep Spiritual Coach is there to be a mirror to the Seeker and to provide clarity. A coach must have the ability to separate themselves from the illusions of their own ego. The QM4YS coaching process demands the highest levels of honesty and courage from both the Seeker and the Coach.

All of the QM4YS courses include dedicated one-to-one coaching with Antonio Sebastian, the founder of the system. You can use WhatsApp, Skype, Vimeo or Google Hangouts in order to spend time finding clarity within a world that often defeats the best of us.


The QM4YS community provide you with the tools you need to take control of your life. In fact, many of the Self-Repair tools are available free to our community. 

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