All around the world there has been an explosion of religious fundamentalism and sectarian violence. Our morally bankrupt Western civilisation stands flaccid and helpless in the face of religious fanaticism and fails to see how its own depravity is fuelling the flames of war. The world has never needed unity, dialog and understanding more.

My research on the sub-atomic nature of the universe, summarised in my book ‘Quantum Mechanics For Your Soul: How To Repair Yourself and Save The World At The Same Time’, was the ultimate ‘Red Pill’ and what I learnt terrified me! I didn’t realise just how deep the rabbit hole went!

They tell us that our lives are meaningless accidents of natural selection and that our consciousness is an illusion caused by the neurons and chemicals in our brain. To even question the consensus is to risk ridicule, exclusion and ruin and so we don’t!

If you want to know who is the slave and who is the master, just watch to see who is allowed to ask questions. You will soon see that we have all been born slaves into the worldwide cult of materialism.


This research project is the beginning of the resistance.

How many times have you thought of someone you love precisely at the moment they telephone you? How many times have you been lost in thought only to have your partner articulate your silent thoughts? When someone we love dies, it is extremely common for their loved-ones to feel their presence. It’s obvious that we are connected to each other and to the world in ways we don’t understand.

It is our mission in life to empower ordinary people to believe in their own observations of the connected universe. It is our goal to show ordinary people, all over the world, just how extraordinary they are and give them a scientific reason to believe it.


The connected universe

Our primary goal is to empower individuals to believe in their own observations of the world around them and to encourage the sharing of life experiences with the community. We plan to build on and support the work of Professor Rupert Sheldrake on Morphic Fields.

As an antidote to an increasingly divided world, the goals of our research are threefold:

  • To prove that direct and indirect connection to the sub-atomic universe is a common human experience.
  • To collect and correlate the perceptions of those who have experienced altered states of consciousness and to try to establish how those experiences have changed their lives, if at all.
  • Based on the data collected, we will explore ways in which this information could be used to create a shift in the philosophical paradigm through which humanity views itself and the world we share.

We employ the following systems of data collection:

  • Public data collection using polls, questionnaires and on-line forms
  • Virtual and physical interviews with selected contributors in order to explore the details of personal experience and vision
  • Public debates and discussions  to be carried out online and in Spain.
  • Seminars and retreats

Research results are shared with the participating community as often as possible:

  • Monthly newsletter update
  • Video reports
  • PDF Reports on areas of special interest
  • Seminar presentations
  • A final report will be published in book form
Human Aurua GED

We desperately want to hear about the experiences in your life that you’ve spent your life ignoring. Your information is totally private and we don’t publish personal details with our reports unless you give us your permission.

  • Altered states of consciousness: have you felt the world drop away? Have you experienced changes in your consciousness that seemed to reach out beyond your body?
  • Auras: can you see your own aura? Can you see auras around trees or other people?
  • Near death experiences: Have you nearly died? 
  • Past Life Recall: Can you remember previous lives? Do you sometimes have more than one voice in your head?
  • Telepathy: Do you know when people are going to contact you? Do you sometimes know what people are thinking?
  • Out of body experiences: have you had Out of Body experiences? 
  • Contact with non-living entities: have you woken up in the night and felt someone in the room with you, smelt an odour, or felt someone touching you?
  • Dreams: Have you had extraordinarily vivid dreams?
  • Astrological synchronicity: Do you feel different around the time of the full moon? Do things always go wrong around the time of the New Moon? 

The civilisations of the world have never been more divided. Sectarian violence and factory farming seem to be unrelated aberrations but they are both symptoms of a particularly corrosive worldview. That societal and cultural cancer is due to our loss of a sense of the sacred and of awe. Indeed, on a worldwide scale, we have lost our respect for life.

Creating a worldwide database of the metaphysical experiences of ordinary people will provide a statistical and qualitative basis for further research into a more holistic worldview. If we can prove that life is intimately connected and extends beyond the confines of the body and indeed of this life, we can offer an antidote to the subconscious presuppositions that are destroying our planet.

Our database will also offer a lexicon by which we can encourage dialogue and understanding between religious fundamentalism and progressive society in such a way as to find a middle ground between the two extremes.

Give peace a chance

If you have any question or requests don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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