The QM4YS System

The world you know is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you to the truth; that you have been born into the cult of Materialism and we are its slaves. Think about it!

  • Why would they so aggressively insist that your life is an accident of natural selection.
  • Why is the entire mental health industry based on the idea that your consciousness is a product of the chemicals in your brain.
  • They even tell our children in schools that consciousness itself is an illusion.
  • Modern life assumes that every individual is alone in a meaningless world.

Deep in our hearts we know that this is a lie!

The Cult of Materialism has enslaved you but we are the resistance and here’s the ‘Red Pill’!

Independent science tells us that we live within an eternal sea of light. Every atom of you is connected to every atom in the universe. You are an integral part of everything.

You are a cloud of living light within an infinite sky. You are a vital part of an ever evolving universe.

Wake up to the real you with the QM4YS system.


‘Quantum Mechanics For Your Soul: How to repair yourself and save the world at the same time’ is Antonio’s sixth book and it gives an overview of the QM4YS scientific model.

On an epic journey between Azerbaijan and Scotland, Antonio uses the details of his journey to reveal and illustrate the subtleties of the sub-atomic world. With gentle humour, the author smashes the myths that created the world that has blinded us all to a universal reality that, throughout history, has been the source of all transcendental wisdom.

The book is copiously illustrated and fully referenced. For a limited period, the book comes with free access to the QM4YS Foundation Course.

The second and third books in the QM4YS series are the manuals for the Foundation Course and Level One: ‘Fighting The Darkness’.

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Recent topics include subjects like the dangers of the triple vaccine MMR and how the lies of the drug companies destroyed the career of an honest scientist.

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