The QM4YS Foundation Course is designed to help you wake up to reality and take control of your life. It includes:

  • Course calendar
  • Course Manual with illustrations
  • Journal
  • Course workbook including essential exercises
  • Meditation manual
  • Questionnaires to help focus your thinking
  • Eight video lectures
  • Over an hour one-to-one Deep Spiritual Coaching
  • Access to VIP private Facebook group
  • A Mentor assigned from within the community.
  • On completion of Level One you will be able to Mentor new students.

Both the main course manual and the meditation manual are copiously illustrated. The course is fully interactive and includes bonus questions and exercises. 


Week One: Finding the Matrix Within: Learn to detach from the arising of the ‘Self of Now’ and experience a connection to the Holistic Universe. Multimedia meditation course that builds on the training in the foundation course.

Week Two: Belief Vs. Knowing: We examine what we believe and why. How belief is communicated through the use of story and image. Learn to see how the self is born from the sum of our past, what we ‘believe’ about that past and our expectations for the future. Building on the introduction to this subject in the 28 Day Foundation Course, we learn to watch the arising of belief.

Week Three: The Electromagnetic Universe: Through the use of experiments and exercises we explore the implications of the EM Rope hypothesis and morphic resonance on the sub-atomic universe. For those who are interested, there is an opportunity to explore the science behind the QM4YS system in more detail.

Week Four: Dealing with the Dark Crystal: Children are born innocent! The damage that is done to us when we are children, before we can defend ourselves, burns holes in our souls that distort how we look at the world for the rest of our lives. Symptoms of this damage are founded in guilt, shame and anxiety. Identify and begin the repair of your Dark Crystal.

Week Five: What is ‘Lasting Fulfilment’: Materialism teaches us that happiness is a reaction. This section of the course examines what it takes to provide us with long-term fulfilment and contentment as opposed to short-term happiness and pleasure.

Week Six: Restricting the ‘Self of Now’: Learn how to recognise the arising of the ‘Self of Now’ and feel the solidification of your worst enemy: yourself. Explore the implication of our self-destructive nature in our everyday life.

Week Seven: Being the ‘Cause’ and not the ‘Effect’: We live our lives like dogs chasing cars. We live our lives almost entirely reactively. Our ‘happiness’ is almost totally the product of the accidents in our life. This part of the course helps you begin to be the cause instead of the effect.

Week Eight: Seeing life as a continuum rather than a Polaroid: So many times in life we don’t realise what we have until it’s too late. In this part of the course we learn how to change how we look at life and how to embrace the changes.

“I had been studying Neo-Advaita for years and had switched off from everything! The  QM4YS Foundation Course taught me to be truly present in the moment and deeply connected to everything. Now I can’t believe that I wasted so much time!” 

David B. Australia

“I’ve recently been divorced. My career was destroyed by the slump in the price of oil and she didn’t like me being at home. I think I would have killed myself if it hadn’t been for this course. Thanks Antonio” 

Brandon L. Spain

“I’d followed a lot of New Age Gurus but I’d realised that it was all just wishful thinking. The QM4YS system gave me a logical and down to Earth explanation for what was going on inside of me.” 

Diana D. UK


Course cost is 297€


Quantum Mechanics For Your Soul

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